When you try to do a posting on your old static blog and bitrot has happened in the 18 months since the last time and it won’t work and you can’t be bothered to find out why and then you realise you pay actual money for a service designed to remove this problem and then it’s all a bit much frankly.

The big new distraction. Her name is Èibhneas.

Damn, I keep forgetting I have this thing.

So… Amazon’s The Boys is grotesque and horrific… but also funny as hell.

A Marvel antidote.

Directionally departing from the comics the series was based on but this isn’t a problem.

You and me both, mate.

Just remembered I used to embed one of these in my website, back in the ‘90s. Simpler times, who would do it today? en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICBM…

Kererū in the late afternoon sunlight

The other thing for now is Tales from the Loop. I love Simon Stålenhag’s work. The TV series is slow, very beautiful and human—the science fiction in it is incidental. It’s a really nice watch.

Followed @yorrike ’s advice on how to get cheaper Prime Video. It’s good to watch Picard, all the limitations of that character cruelly exposed, the people around him still loyal but crushingly disappointed with this out of touch old man.

In which I remember I have a blog and I write the obligatory and none-too-exciting pandemic posting: gath.nz/bhalg/two…

Day one of working from home and R. and I are going to go for a walk to start the working day off, as if we were actually going into work.

Aside from Animal Crossing I may as well binge watch my all time favourite YouTube channel: m.youtube.com/channel/U…

I can’t think of a video game more suited to the current times than Animal Crossing. R₂ is going to start our island off this afternoon after school and I can join in alongside her later on. It’s going to be great!

Nga mihi o te rā!

On the bus to work, or perhaps the Pale Horse of Pestilence.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons review: a chill life sim that puts you in control - The Verge

The more I read about this the more it seems like the perfect stuck-indoors-on-isolation game. I’ll buy it when it comes out and me and R₂ can amiably bicker about who gets to play it.

A Yellow Admiral arrived out of nowhere and landed on the pavement beside me. Nature’s capacity encompasses large and small surprises and here was one to lighten pandemic gloom.

The annoyance of opening your bag to find the lunch you made is likely still on the kitchen bench at home.

A hundred metres from my office building, a pied shag shakes its wings dry. 📷

In springtime this particular tūī was aggressively defending our flowering shrubs and bushes against all comers; at one point it fought off two kākā and a kererū simultaneously. Such drama in the garden!

I watched The Wandering Earth & it was just as entertainingly terrible as any Hollywood blockbuster. Think Independence Day level of story quality but better SFX. I enjoyed it! Crashy, dumb, stuffed with predictable story tropes… but also satisfying like a heap of snack food.

Instead of burning my brain trying to work out how to get m.b to emulate the way my current Hugo blog works — the theme, the URL structures, trying to import the old postings etc… maybe I just go with the flow. I don’t want to think too much, just want a lower barrier to DO.

Who else is a fan of Californian Quail?

Here comes trouble.

Here’s one from Christmastime in the Southern Lakes. 🚴🏼 I can never spend enough time down there.