garden workers

The workers we have in our garden at the moment have hairy arses.

Not through some horticultural equivalent of builders' crack, but because that’s just they way they are:

Not just birds, busy

I should be out digging over the potato patch or something. But hard work is always best observed rather than partaken of. So I have contented myself with taking a few photos of the workers instead.

We seem to be having another early spring here, with the cherry tree in full blossom a week earlier than in 2005 and 2006.

This picture was taken this morning:

the tree in question

I really like how that particular tree, which dominates the view out our front window, really marks the passing of seasons for us. In spring, it flowers beautifully, keeping the tuī, waxeyes, and sparrows in high energy good-lovin' food; in early summer it fruits, providing plenty of meals for kererū and blackbirds; throughout summer its leaves provide us cool shade for the paddling pool; and in autumn the colour of its leaves warn of winter to come. And in winter, it is bare, letting past the maximum of sun and light to the house.

Yes, I can wholeheartedly recommend a large flowering cherry as a useful garden plant. And these guys would recommend it too:

tui in cherry

Previous springtimes:

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