Tui in the cherry tree. I need a better digital camera.

One of the rules I’ve invented for myself is this:

That first day after a bout of the flu in which you finally feel up to going to work? Don’t. Stay at home. Your body is deluding you, and you will not be ready until tomorrow.

So that’s why I’m at home today. The only thing to miss about work is the heating. Through the wonder that is Terminal Services, I can access my work desktop and assuage any vestigial sense of protestant guilt by reading my emails and generally pretending to some kind of “work”. And there’s no possibility of an afternoon nap at work - it’s very uncomfortable under my desk.

On the other hand, the girls and R. have gone to their grandparents for the rest of the school holidays, so it’s very quiet here. No excuses for not being productive, then.

Meanwhile, the wind has switched to the south and between it and the rain is causing a sweetly tragic shower of cherry blossom on to our unkempt lawn. The tui don’t mind though - they are living it large at the moment and even in this foul weather there is almost always one or two in the cherry tree bustling about. It’s very cheering.

And I might put the fire on. That will help too.

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