rough winds doth shake...

…et cetera et cetera, though of course it’s September rather than May. Even so, it’s time for the annual blossom photo.

It has been very windy in the last week, what with that somewhat overhyped spring “storm”1 covering the country for the last week or so. So our view of the cherry tree has been mainly this sort of thing:

Rough winds doth shake...

And to top off all that thrashing around, once the wind dies down those the sparrows from two years ago return, attacking the flowers at their base and damaging many enough to have them fall to the (overgrown) lawn below.

Petals lost to wind and sparrow

You’d think that those territorial tuī in the tree would have something to say about all this. But they’re too busy huffing and puffing at each other to bother chasing the sparrows away every time. There’ll be something left for the them and the kererū in November, but probably not a lot.

But that’s life, for another year.

Previous springtimes:

  1. Later: I’m thinking that I should clarify that “overhyped” applies to a Wellington city-dweller’s experience of the storm and its media precursors, rather than the experience on the farm, which in many places was pretty bloody awful↩︎

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