cherry blossom from the tree on our front lawn

Well, I guess it’s pretty obvious that it’s springtime down here. And so I must post the obligatory photo of our cherry tree, which is at its height of blossom at the moment and hosting many fractious Tui through the day.

The other observation that must be made concerns the peculiarly warm weather we are having at the moment. I’ve been in a t-shirt all day, which is not exactly usual for Wellington in September. This comes as an early end to a mild winter where we never even managed to burn half of our firewood. The Regional Council is warning of low river levels in the Wairarapa, the lowest in nearly 30 years, and the possibility of irrigation restrictions for farmers before the season even begins! Compare this to last year, where I’m sure it was wetter and colder and we were still using the fire in December!

And so, I thought I’d review my other blossom postings and the dates associated with their photos:

Which more or less shows that our garden is at least two to three weeks advanced over previous years.

Spooky. It will be totally out of control within a couple weeks.

Gathadair @dubh
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