Mr Stabby

Being a fine morning R₂ and I went for a stroll to the neighbourhood cafe, taking Èibhneas with us.

On the way back I said to R₂ it would be good kōtare spotting weather.

And so it proved, with this dangerous looking specimen perched on a wire above a busy road.

Kōtare, or Sacred Kingfisher

That beak is pretty badass looking!

We see them a lot around here but it’s not always easy to get a close in shot, so I’m reasonably happy with this one.

I’m also wondering why they seem to like the wires above roads — are they waiting for potential prey to be hit by a passing car?

Or do I suffer from a cognitive bias and I simply see them above roads because that’s where I happen to be and where most of the wires for perching — and easy visibility — are?

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