I’ve been hankering after a new bike for some time. No really good reason other than my beloved Surly Straggler is now outfitted for commuting for work and around town duties with practical mudguards and a heavy rack. And this meant that I had been doing less and less riding at the weekends. I ascribed this to the bike rather than my motivation, in a classic middle-aged bloke way.

So I have been looking at new bikes I could take out and about on the weekends, and in summer particularly I could take away down south for those long warm days on high country gravel roads.

For various reasons, I eventually settled on the Ritchey Outback. Not only is it nice springy steel from a legendary manufacturer but it can take really nice fat tyres for comfort… and… the pièce de résistance… this particular version comes with a suitcase and can be broken down for travel.

In my dreams I am catching a train somewhere, unpacking my bike at the end of the journey, and exploring a new place.

A yellow road bike with fat tyres leaning against a power pylon on a hill above a city

Those are some good dreams.

Gathadair @dubh
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