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We’re finally back from holiday now. At some point I’ll post a tediously exhaustive account of the central portion, our five days on the Otago Central Rail Trail, but for now here are three photos I quite like that in their own way typify their portion of our time away.

All three were taken with my iPhone 4, which really does have a nice camera. I find myself taking even more photos than before, and as we shall see in a later posting, taking video too. And more photos means that on average there should be more good photos, and so it proves.

At Lake Hawea:

By the lake

Yes, the water really is that clear; with a polarising filter you can make boats appear to float unsupported. It’s also very cold, hence the wetsuit (though I did not use one when I went in for a couple dips).

On the Rail Trail itself, this evening view of the Hawkduns and Mt Ida appeared as I was returning from the Oturehua pub (we had run out of wine, and I had to make a dash on the bike for more):

Evening skies, Oturehua

And lastly, on the long trip home, there was a moment on Cook Strait when we watched the foggy clag besieging Wellington lift off the South Coast hills, momentarily:

South Coast Evening

Of course, it clamped down even closer as the evening wore on, and it hasn’t left yet, 36 hours later (even as other parts of New Zealand enjoy hot and sunny weather).

Definitely an ending, then.

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