autumn in the park

Café Cecille

Just as this time last year we’ve been wandering about in Masterton’s Queen Elizabeth Park.

We started, as always, with lunch at Café Cecille. It is under new management, and was a little more focussed and sharper on their game than in some of our previous visits. They do the usual café fare, but classily done, and I’d recommend the place. Especially if you’ve worked up a bit of an appetite wandering about the park.

And the park is just beautiful in there at the moment.

Queen Elizabeth Park, Masterton

Queen Elizabeth Park, Masterton

The kids walked back with their grandparents, and R. and I lingered, taking photos. We nearly filled up the memory card.

One last image to hold:

Queen Elizabeth Park, Masterton

Idyllic. Pity we have to return to Wellington tomorrow.

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