camera safari

I’ve been dying to try out the new camera - the more I read and attempt to understand about SLRs the more it seems that copious amounts of practise is probably the true teacher.

I’d been wanting to wander off for a couple hours and do just that… but I hit upon a better idea. We’d all go - and having cameras enough we could all take photos. And though I hadn’t expected R. to be wanted to be dragged along, she was keen too. (If it were me I’d stay in bed - the luxury of a quiet house, if only temporarily, without the kids is extremely appealing.) So that’s what we did this morning, walking up to the top of Tinakori Hill.

The light was that high overcast not-quite full sun. I took a nice panorama, and the Japanese ship in the harbour looked pretty good in the calm water, even if my gratuitous attempts at making an HDR of the scene were stymied by constant activity above and on the water. Maybe another day, and once I can figure out how to get the camera to bracket across several EVs (note use of technical terms I barely understand).

On the way home though, I took the two photos I’m most pleased with. The first is of some handsome ferns I spotted on the path:


Unfortunately the depth of field isn’t as good as I’d like - I didn’t have time to set up the tripod for a nice slow shot as it was getting near lunch, and we had quite a ways to walk home.

Then, down on the road, several of these pretty flowers were poking through the fence:


I’m not sure how this one came out so well… but by this time the cloud was getting thicker and the light was a lot softer and greyer. Perhaps this accounts for the flower’s almost uncanny glow, which seems to counteract the fact that the only bit in focus is the very centre (and even then only arguably).

Oh, and did I mention? R. and the girls enjoyed themselves too. We’ll have to do this again another weekend morning.

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