Yet another, it’s true. This one is special though. It’s my Christmas present from R. and the girls.

Vostok Automatic

It’s a Vostok, purchased from RussianWatch.net (which incidentally I would recommend: big range, good friendly service, and fast shipping).

It’s automatic, and unlike the two Raketas is water-resistant, has illuminated hands, and a date. (OK, so you can tell much of this from the face, but indulge me here - I’m venting an obsession). I fell in love with the beautiful white and stainless face, but the clincher on the deal was this:

Vostok Automatic

Yes! A (very large) peephole for watch pr0n! I can get my jollies by looking at it any time I like!

The large metal plate with the “B” is the winder: with the movement of your arm during the day the “B” rotates and winds the spring. Most ingenious.

I think that’s enough watches for now though. And I’ll have to cancel that standing search on eBay before I get into trouble.

Gathadair @dubh
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