misha and raisa

A while back I mentioned that I had another Raketa on the way from Russia via eBay. Well, today it arrived:

misha & raisa: face

I like that it’s black. I like the very modern space theme of the thing, with the sun and the moon eclipsing one another once an hour. And like its sibling, it’s all mechanical and has a beautiful sounding movement (and the movement looks pretty good too).

misha & raisa: movement

It’s called a “kopernik”, presumably after the Polish astronomer. But according to one eBay auction I read, this design was popularly known in the eighties (in theory this when this particular watch was actually manufactured) as the “Misha and Raisa” after Mikhail and Raisa Gorbachev. Which counts as a pretty nice tribute to them, too.

And R. is asking me how am I going to choose which watch to wear in the morning. I don’t know yet.

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