the green spider

It came in with R., after she’d hung out some washing: the largest of these we have yet seen.

Coloaranea viriditas (1)

Once again consulting Forster & Forster I found it was an orbweb spider: Coloaranea viriditas, a very poetic and appropriate name given its colour. Supposedly quite common, although who would know: it’s not an easy one to spot.

I wanted to take a decent photo of it, but the damn thing moved too quickly, much too quickly for my clumsy attempts at manually focussing the s5500. Even putting it in the fridge for a couple hours didn’t slow it down much.

So here’s a best of a bad bunch: a somewhat contrived arrangement of a green spider on a red (and probably dead) succulent.

Coloaranea viriditas (2)

Roll on the day when I get hold of a digital SLR with a decent and speedy macro system…

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