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Russian Raketa 24 hour watchIt started innocently enough. Asked to check a work colleague’s Trade Me listing for bidding action (I have somewhat wider access than is usual at work) I rather nosily started looking at the feedback on her previous auctions.

Which led to a seller she’d bought from earlier who was now selling an interesting Russian wristwatch.

Which led to this site.

Which, later at home, led to me seeing what similar stuff was available elsewhere on the web.

Which lead to several hours of marvelling at the range of cool Russian Military watches out there at extremely reasonable prices.

Which led to me checking out eBay, because prices will almost always be even more reasonable there.

Which eventually led to a bid on the watch you see here.

Which I have now won and paid for.

Now I have to hope that:

  1. it arrives;
  2. it works;
  3. it stays working.

And up until yesterday I’d never been the slightest bit interested in obtaining a new wristwatch.

I’m so weak.

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