more macleod

Reading The Stone Canal today (in my continuing peregrination through books authored by MacLeods) one of the characters makes several references to making lots of postings on newsgroups. Hmmm, I thought - sounds like the voice of experience to me. And sure enough, Ken has been very busy in Usenet over the years. Like around 2,400 postings under the same email address, according to Google. Might be just the sort of bloke to have on your side in a flamewar.

I’m still getting over the idea of a seriously left wing science fiction writer who puts a bit of politics into their writing. Refreshing… and interesting. Now I’ll have to go off and find some easy to read primer on all the major left wing splinterings. And of course return to the library to get the The Cassini Division and The Sky Road. But don’t let the lefty stuff put you off (in case it does). Both books I’ve read so far are cracking reads even without the politics.

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