weta pictures

The weta is baaaaack! Only now I’ve got a couple pictures for the benefit of any overseas readers I might have.

Picture of a weta with a ruler for scale

Imagine this down your gumboot… or in your bed… or on your head. And this isn’t as big as they get, either.

Female tree weta doing a runner up my hand

It may well be the same female I evicted from the bedroom a few weeks ago. I found her while tidying up at the back of the house this afternoon under a cardboard box. She wasn’t very happy with me and hissed fairly threateningly - which isn’t surprising given that wetas are nocturnal creatures and I’d just destroyed her nice cool dark and dry hiding place.

However, it seems that what I have heard about their temperament is true - they are pretty slow to actually bite. Which is just as well given the sort of jaws they have.

Gathadair @dubh
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